Broadway Park is transitioning from a large format/big box retail destination into a contemporary mixed use neighborhood. 

Creating a distinguished retail-scape

The existing retail will remain for the duration of current leases/options/renewals, but new projects will become catalysts for authentic neighborhood retail that services the daily needs of residents and visitors alike. 

Today and the future

Future retail will also incorporate the established and iconic Denver Design Center and Collection Properties that have existed for over 20 years in the location of Broadway Park but that will continue and evolve with the dynamic created by new residences, offices and hospitality projects. The existing grocery store ie. 50,000sf full-line Safeway, will remain as an essential and convenient component of the neighborhood.

Expect the unexpected

Cafes, restaurants, food and beverage will be the predominant new uses together with boutiques, service retail and fitness, health and wellness offerings.

Broadway Park
Broadway Park
Broadway Park