Broadway Park is Transforming Denver

It’s Location

Broadway Park is a 75-acre site less than 2 miles south of downtown Denver’s civic center well served by highway, arterial roads, and book-ended by the Alameda and Broadway light rail stations. It is located at the edges of established and predominantly residential neighborhoods including Baker, Platte Park and West Washington Park.

It’s History

The site is currently generally occupied by single-story, big-box retail, surface parking and several design warehouses and studios. Since 1996, one of the purposes of the site has been to create a collective synergy for design resources, and to serve as a regional retail center (the “Broadway Marketplace”). However, the growth of the downtown area, and the evolution of the market demands in the area have made it such that the existing conditions do not meet the full potential of the market nor the optimal use of the site.

The Transformation

This future people-centric place epitomizes the Colorado lifestyle. The walkable streets will be lined with active building facades and places to eat and drink outdoors. Dedicated bike lanes celebrate Denverites’ desire to move about the city under their own power.

Urban Naturally

A series of parks and public open spaces link one to the other down the spine of the District, providing multiple ways to play, relax, and linger. The public open spaces and the buildings will be infused with the special light Colorado enjoys, with its 300 days of sunshine per year, daylit work spaces and residences will encourage people to enjoy the conducive climate outdoors.