Development is quantified by land use type, including office, retail, hospitality, residential, and parking. The phasing of streets and open space improvements is considered as it relates to building phases. Certainly, the details of the phasing will change, but the development strategy creates the tool to monitor how each new project relates to the entire master plan vision.

About Broadway Park

Broadway Park is a 75-acre site less than 2.5 miles south of downtown Denver’s civic center well served by highway, arterial roads, and transit. It is located at the edge of established and predominantly residential neighborhoods including Baker, Platte Park and West Washington Park and west of South Broadway retail corridor. The site is currently generally occupied by single-story, big-box retail, surface parking and the iconic Denver Design Center/Collection regional destinations. Since 1996, the site has been a regional retail center focused on the Broadway Marketplace anchored by Safeway grocery store. However, the evolving nature of the location including the integration of transportation and land planning is seeing the introduction of residential and higher density uses. 

The Transformation… Urban, Naturally.

Broadway Park is a critical piece in the transformation of the city to a complex metropolitan community with multiple centers of urban density at its core. This future people-centric place epitomizes the Colorado lifestyle. The walkable streets will be lined with active building facades and places to eat and drink outdoors. Dedicated bike lanes celebrate Denverites’ desire to move about the city under their own power. A series of parks and public open spaces link one to the other down the spine of the District, providing multiple ways to play, relax, and linger. The public open spaces and the buildings will be infused with the special light Colorado enjoys, with its 300 days of sunshine per year, daylit work spaces and residences will encourage people to enjoy the conducive climate outdoors.

Infrastructure Planning

Priority has been given to pedestrians and bikes to access public transportation nodes, while thoughtful and appropriate provision of street parking and garage parking in buildings reflects changing mobility patterns and appropriate densities in such a transit-rich location.

Strategic Accessibility

I-25 and US-85/Santa Fe Drive forms our southern and western boundaries providing exposure to over 300,000 vehicles per day. The Broadway arterial is the main thoroughfare from Downtown Denver to the south with over 75,000 vehicles per day passing the site. Alameda is the east/west arterial and carries 40,000 vehicle with the high exposure junction of Broadway and Alameda the “main & main” intersection at the NE corner of our property. Denver International Airport (DEN) is connected via light rail through Denver Union Station and road infrastructure including the I25/I-70/Pena Boulevard.

Urban Naturally

As Denver urbanizes and densifies with the pressures that such growth brings to the urban experience, it is critically important that a balance is created to ensure harmony and rejuvenation. To that end, at least 10% of the neighborhood will be dedicated to open space and useable parks to provide tranquility and contemplative contrast to the built environment of Broadway Park. 

Broadway Park
Broadway Park
Broadway Park